Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide each of our clients with objective independent advice and services. We do this proactively, within structures and processes that are coordinated, comprehensive, and uniquely tailored to address the needs of the individual client. As part of that process, we build long-term relationships which help us to identify and implement planning that fits the client’s personal, family, and business goals, and that reflects and honors their values and perspectives.

Our Client Approach

Our client-centered approach includes a 5-step process that allows us to develop and implement strategies customized to address each of our clients’ individual and unique financial situations. Through this process, we will:

  1. Develop a thorough understanding of your specific goals and objectives;
  2. Review and analyze your current situation;
  3. Create customized solutions tailored to you and your family;
  4. Implement these strategies so that you are confident you are taking the appropriate steps towards financial independence;
  5. Monitor your progress; your goals and objectives may change over time, and we will meet frequently to make sure you continue on the path with the goal to fulfill the promises you have made to yourself and your loved ones.

Information vs. Advice

We understand that in today’s high-speed technological world, it is easy to find a wealth of information on any topic imaginable. In this day and age, the mass media is well aware that “bad news sells”, and often, their main objective is to convince their audience to watch their program or read their article, regardless of how inaccurate, irrelevant, or biased it may be. As your financial advisors, we are here as a sounding board, and our main objective is to provide our clients with valid facts, objective data and personalized advice based on each individual’s needs.

Team Collaboration

At Parsons Financial Advisors, we have a team of dedicated professionals to help you navigate the financial complexities and unique events that you will encounter in life. We truly are a one-stop shop to help with all the financial situations you may face, from financial planning, investment management, and insurance planning, just to name a few. In addition to our in-house staff, we have an extensive independent support network working behind the scenes, allowing you the resources of a large firm with the friendly, personalized service of a small family business.